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Is There Anyone? by AlamdarDesign
Is There Anyone?

The Master of Martyrs on the Battle Field

When al-’Abbas was killed, al-Husayn (‘a) turned to see none to help him against his foes. He looked and saw how his family members and companions lied slaughtered on the ground.

He heard the wailing of the orphans and the cries of the children. As loud as he could, he called out, “Is there anyone who defends the sanctity of the Messenger of Allah?

Is there anyone who believes in the Unity of Allah and who fears Allah in our regard? Is there anyone who comes to our rescue and who wishes by doing so to please Allah?” The women's voices now grew even louder as they cried.1
Al-Sajjad (‘a) stood up. He was leaning on a cane and dragging a sword. He was sick and could hardly move, but al-Husayn (‘a) called on his daughter Umm Kulthum saying, “Confine him so that the world may not run out of the progeny of Muhammad (S),” so she took him back to his bed.2
Al-Husayn (‘a) now ordered his dependents to be silent, and he bade them farewell. He was wearing a dark silk jubba (long robe)3 and a florid turban with two tresses let loose on the sides and wrapped himself with the same burda (gown) which the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his progeny, used to wear, and was carrying his [Prophet’s] sword.4
He asked for a thawb (garment) which nobody wanted and which he put underneath his clothes so that nobody would be interested in it and, hence, in removing it from his body, since he knew that he was going to be killed soon.

They brought him small trousers but he was not interested in them since they were the outfits of ignominy,5 so he took a worn out garment which he ripped, placing its pieces underneath his clothes.6 Then he asked for wrapping trousers which he also tore then put on so that nobody would take them away from his corpse.7

Imam Hussein (as) is the water, tears and blood! by AlamdarDesign
Imam Hussein (as) is the water, tears and blood!

Water reminds us of what happened hundreds of years ago during the sacrifice of the revolutionary martyr, Imam Hussain (Peace be upon him), who was killed in battle while suffering from thirst.

Whenever one looks at water, one is reminded of Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him) and his thirst, as this same water had been denied to him, the master of martyrs, and his family and his followers (Peace be upon them). Remembering that they all were killed with tongues inflamed by thirst highlights the severity of what happened and occurred in that great tragedy, leaving us with grief in our chest.

Water and Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him) are interconnected through an everlasting relationship, as one’s own need for water reminds of that of Imam Hussain (Peace be upon Him), renewing his message in the heart of the believer for the rest of time. Just like water is the secret of physical life, it is also the secret to moral life, freedom and dignity through Imam Hussein’s (peace be upon him) suffering. It is through water that Imam Hussein will remain alive in the hearts and conscience.

God made every living thing out of water and has made every free believer out of Imam Hussein (Peace be upon him). This relationship is not only moral, but also causes human reactions, as the memory of what occurred on Ashura brings tears to people of different faiths. The master of martyrs has an impact on people's eyes causing tears that trickle automatically and involuntarily, as in many cases, when the story of his martyrdom and death is recited.

Anyone who heard about the tragedy of Abu Abdullah cannot help being affected and shedding tears from their eyes, even if the person has a heart of stone. History tells us that the sky wept blood around the time of Imam Hussein's death. Today there are occurrences of blood flowing from the bodies of faithful believers on the tenth of Muharram every year without them being hurt! A rock in Syria, on which the head of Imam Hussain (Peace be upon him) had been placed fourteen centuries ago, has blood dripping from it to this day.

Are these only exceptions to the usual rules of nature? Many of these miracles, both physical and spiritual, are not found in other religions. Imam Hussain (Peace be upon him) is the water of life and the blood of the Revolution.

Al Husayn by AlamdarDesign
Al Husayn
Al Husayn Peace Be Upon You Oh Imam Hussain print.
Aslamu Alykum,

We are making a 'Digital Still Art' story film about Karbala the day when Imam Hussain (as) camp arrives at karbala till Imam Hussain (as) death. This film will be narrated over still art life pictures. Inshallah more info will come as soon as we come trowards the end of making. Please do give us advice and if you want to share your picture please do send it to us. Shukran


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Haroon Sajjad
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I Like Photography, Videography & Digital Art.

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